Pulp diction: Amazon's Alexa to feature Samuel L. Jackson's voice

Saturday, 28 Sep, 2019

Amazon have announced that other celebrities will follow Samuel L Jackson, but we don't have any names just yet.

Echo Dot with clock, which has bright LED display that shows the time, outdoor temperature, timers, or alarms, will be available for Rs 5,499.

Finally, we've got the Day 1 Editions: Amazon's limited-access public beta group for some hardware concepts it's working on.

The Echo Buds aren't ambitious, but they're going to sell incredibly well.

With the introduction of these active noise cancellation earbuds, Alexa will be a companion outside the home. It works incredibly well, especially when paired with well-seated rubber ear tips and some music playing.

Alexa's regular voice is also getting a makeover, The Verge reported.

Yes the case is massive and charges over Micro-USB, but that's not going to matter almost as much as what these earbuds offer for the incredibly competive price of $130.

The celebrity voices come as part of a string of new Amazon launches including wearable tech for both humans and pets.

Alexa, lots of battery, and noise cancelation.

While Alexa will naturally be at your disposal without having to lift a finger, Amazon is far more inclusive than Google or Apple when it comes to competing apps and services, allowing future Echo Buds owners to summon Siri or Google Assistant on their connected handsets by simply long tapping the headphones.

Then, things get a little weird. Should you be taking your HomePod or Sonos One to Cash Converters?

Last but not least is this pair of Amazon Echo Buds. "You can view, hear, or delete them at any time".

You can get your very own for $329. The Loop is a ring that will apparently vibrate to alert you of mobile notifications and can even access Alexa via vocal commands.

Microwaves aren't too complicated but when you add in the fryer and convention oven elements it's easy to overdo food. The frames, which can be used for prescription lenses, have no camera or display capabilities and synch with smartphones.

"Amazon's sheer volume and variety of smart home products puts them in most of the major smart home zones - comfort, security, entertainment, and kitchen", said Forrester analyst Frank Gillett. We know that only a head-to-head comparison can tell you which sounds better, but there's certainly one area where the Echo Studio surely wins and that's price.

In the UK, Amazon Echo Studio is priced at £189.99. But still. these aren't an expensive proposition. When Alexa asks if you would like a routine set-up, just say "yes", and the routine is ready to go. A simple 15 minute top-up will provide you with 2 hours of listening time. Sure it's a bit big, but all of these smart rings are.

You can also use voice commands to control music as well as smart home devices. At night, just pop the ring on its wireless charging stand. And for early adopters, the Echo Frames and Echo Loop let you use Alexa through your glasses or ring, respectively.

The Seattle gathering also saw the launch of glassed called Echo Frames.

In some ways, an Alexa-enabled oven still seems silly.