DoorDash reports data breach affecting 4.9 million people

Tuesday, 01 Oct, 2019

The last four digits of delivery workers' and merchants' bank accounts were taken, as well as some 100,000 delivery workers' driver license information.

The thieves were also able to access the last four digits of some bank accounts and cards used as payment methods, but DoorDash says full account numbers needed to make financial transactions were not stolen. Also, DoorDash confirms that the accessed information is not enough to make any fraudulent charges on the payment card.

Magdovitz said that since the announcement, the company has taken a number of steps to further secure data, and is offering free identity protection services to affected drivers.

In a blog post today iOS food delivery app DoorDash has confirmed that nearly 5 million of its users have been affected by a data breach in its servers. Earlier this month, we became aware of unusual activity involving a third-party service provider. "Every member of the DoorDash community is important to us, and we want to assure you that we value your security and privacy".

The length of time it took DoorDash to disclose the data breach is also being questioned.

"Companies such as DoorDash, whose entire platform between delivery worker, customer and restaurant is driven through a digital application, need to invest in improving their cloud infrastructure to safeguard not only customer data but the future success of the company", DeRamus said. Although, if you joined on April 5, you could be one of the affected users. Full credit card information was not obtained, however. It launched an investigation that included outside security experts and determined some DoorDash user data was accessed on May 4. Some, unfortunately, haven't learned their lesson yet until the same thing happens to them, like what just happened to DoorDash who reported a data breach that affects millions of their users.

In a data breach notification, the company said anyone whose information was accessed in the incident will soon be contacted directly and will then be informed of exactly what type of data was stolen. In February 2019, DoorDash announced $400 million in Series F funding and the company says the funding came at a $7.1 billion valuation.

If yes, you are highly recommended to change your account password right now immediately. DoorDash also appears to be guilty of not processing user requests to delete their accounts.