Jury gets case of Dallas cop who killed neighbor - 47abc

Tuesday, 01 Oct, 2019

Guyger took the stand for the first time on Friday and told the jury what happened leading up to the shooting.

She shot and killed the PriceWaterhouseCoopers accountant, she said, because she feared Jean was going to kill her after she entered his apartment on September 6, 2018, believing that it was her own.

Later Friday, Dallas County prosecutor Jason Hermus, on cross-examination, sought to poke holes in Guyger's story, noting that she told responding officers that she believed it was her apartment but said nothing about Jean coming at her.

If the jury finds her guilty of murder, Guyger could face life in prison.

The 31-year-old police officer was off-duty but still in uniform when she shot Jean in his apartment, which was directly above hers.

A former Dallas police officer took the stand Friday and balled her eyes out in front of a packed courtroom. While the station aired the interview the night before the trial started, Creuzot says that's not when he gave the interview. They say Guyger returned home after a long shift, didn't realize she was on a different floor and entered the wrong apartment in the sprawling complex. She testified the levels of the parking garage were not clearly marked.

Prosecutors and lawyers for Amber Guyger are expected to present closing arguments Monday. She said he yelled, "Hey! Hey!"

The choose briefly halted the proceedings to permit Guyger to compose herself.

She was safe in the hallway, behind a door when she first suspected an intruder was in her home, Hermus said.

Under questioning, Guyger said she did some CPR, but added that her training had been limited and that she "had never tried it on a person" before.

"I was scared that whoever was inside that apartment was going to kill me".

She hasn't spoken publicly since the shooting.

"I feel like a awful person, I feel like a piece of crap. I feel like a piece of crap", Guyger said. Guyger said she grew up in a small house, that she played in the school band and that she aspired to become a police officer. I wish he was the one with the gun that killed me. "I never wanted to take an innocent person's life", she said. "I am so sorry".

Just before the end of her direct examination by defense attorney Toby Shook, Guyger apologized for killing Jean.

While this would seem counter to the actions of any Black man facing a white police officer with service weapon drawn, Guyger stands by that claim.

"Your moral code puts sex off-limits, but everything else is fair game?"

Hermus said Guyger shot Jean twice in the torso, in rapid succession, as she was trained to do. Guyger testified that the decision was in relation to work.

Prosecutors claimed that Guyger was so wrapped up in her steamy texts that she went into auto-pilot mode, shooting Jean, who was sitting in his living room eating a bowl of ice cream.

This Feb. 27, 2014, portrait provided by Harding University in Searcy, Ark., shows Botham Jean.

Experts have said the trial's outcome could hinge on whether the jury believes Guyger's mistake was reasonable. She said she performed some chest compressions on Jean with one hand while using her phone with the other, but she also acknowledged stopping several times.

"When you went out into the hall, you chose to do that even though you knew you should be giving that man life-saving treatment?"

The jury may additionally discover her not responsible, or responsible of the lesser crimes of manslaughter or criminally negligent murder.