Pelosi, Trump engage in real-time messaging war on impeachment, legislating

Thursday, 03 Oct, 2019

"I was on the phone call", Pompeo told reporters in Rome.

President Trump on Tuesday slammed the Democrats' impeachment inquiry, claiming the process resembled a "coup" against him as elected president and U.S. citizens' constitutional rights.

Some critics turned the tweet back on the president and argued he would like to remove all the same rights himself "by becoming dictator", while other naysayers predicted the beginning of the end for the Trump administration, forecasting its imminent "collapse" in the face of an impeachment inquiry.

While I see Trump and his minions as an abomination, doing incalculable damage to our democracy, I do not want to see him removed from office through impeachment.

Asked if the call raised any red flags in his mind, Pompeo did not respond. But it also complicated the secretary's own situation, since he listened in during Trump's July phone call with Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelenskiy that helped trigger the impeachment inquiry. I know precisely what the American policy is with respect to Ukraine.

The Democrats said that Pompeo's resistance amounted to his own intimidation.

"It's what our team, including Ambassador (Kurt) Volker, were focused on was taking down the threat that Russian Federation poses there in Ukraine".

As the impeachment process heats up, the U.S. State Department gave initial approval to a $39 million sale of anti-tank missiles to Ukraine to help the country battle Russia-backed separatists. "Even while all this noise is going on".

Three House committee chairs are readying a subpoena for the White House to demand key documents related to the July 25 phone call between President Trump and the Ukrainian president. The president has repeatedly accused the pair of wrongdoing without providing any evidence.

Pompeo was asked about the whistleblower complaint last week while in NY for the United Nations General Assembly, but he said at the time he had not yet read it in full.

Pompeo had previously suggested he didn't know details of the discussion during an interview with ABC News on September 22.

Trump abruptly reversed gears when the Fox News reporter told him, "I think you'll want to answer this question".

To that end, Schiff said his concern about the administration trying to stonewall the inquiry is why Democratic committee chairmen have warned officials that failure to comply with requests for documents or testimony would be considered obstruction of Congress.

On Wednesday, the State Department's inspector general is expected to brief congressional staff from several House and Senate appropriations, oversight, foreign affairs and intelligence committees on their requests for information and documents on Ukraine, according to an aide familiar with the planning.

"We never ever spoke about commercial companies" with Trump, former President Barack Obama, current Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, or "any USA officials", said Poroshenko, who led Ukraine from 2014 to 2019.

"We'll have to decide whether to litigate or how to litigate", Schiff said when asked whether the committees would go to court to enforce subpoenas.