Trump committed an impeachable offense just by threatening Adam Schiff

Friday, 04 Oct, 2019

A spokesman for the House Intelligence Committee, Patrick Boland, said, "Like other whistleblowers have done before and since under Republican- and Democratic-controlled committees, the whistleblower contacted the committee for guidance on how to report possible wrongdoing within the jurisdiction of the intelligence community".

Schiff said White House attempts to stonewall the investigation "will be strengthening the case on obstruction" of justice.

Yesterday Rep Maxine "I don't live in my district" Waters told the really smart cable TV news viewers that she doesn't feel safe in public because President Donald Trump is inciting violence against her (video posted below - wait for it. incoming irony). He insisted he did nothing wrong in what he repeatedly dubbed "a flawless call" with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy, in which he asked for an investigation of political opponent Joe Biden. "A president of the United States accusing a member of Congress of treason is literally unconstitutional and presumptively impeachable", says his fellow political scientist, Paul Musgrave.

The US president said Democrats should stop wasting their time and energy.

A White House spokeswoman did not return a request for comment on what Trump based his accusation on.

Kinzinger says Democrats could've gotten answers "without raising the temperature as they have". "Get a better candidate this time, you'll need it!"

The chairmen of the House Foreign Affairs, Intelligence and Oversight committees responded to Pompeo's letter later on Tuesday, saying that "any effort to intimidate witnesses or prevent them from talking with Congress - including State Department employees - is illegal and will constitute evidence of obstruction of the impeachment inquiry".

The whistleblower wrote that Trump used "the power of his office to solicit interference from a foreign country in the 2020 US election" in a July 25 phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Schiff, for his part, said the White House's attempt to stonewall the investigations now being undertaken by six House committees "will be considered further evidence of obstruction of justice".

Adam Schiff knew about allegations that Donald Trump abused his power in office before the whistleblower's complaint was filed, a spokesman and numerous American officials said, according to the New York Times.

The Republican leader of the US Senate said he would have "no choice" but to allow a trial if the House of Representatives made a decision to impeach the President.

Pelosi made the point that House Democrats were continuing to work on two legislative priorities - lowering prescription drug prices and a new trade deal with Canada and Mexico. "That's really up to him".