League of Legends: Wild Rift is coming to PS4 in 2020

Saturday, 19 Oct, 2019

An exact release date hasn't been announced, but Riot expects the mobile version to go live in late 2020, with the console versions following later.

LoR will be fully launched in 2020 for PC and mobile and is now open for pre-registration. On PC, you will often end up picking champions that have a special skill set which makes them ideal for the late game and thus, a match can last for more than 30 minutes.

Just a few days ago, Riot Games has officially revealed the mobile adaptation of League of Legends named League of Legends: Wild Rift.

Matches intend to last for 15 to 20 minutes.

The difference from the Blizzard game lies in the way the regions affect the game: the decks are organized around the regions and up to now, Demacia, Noxus, Freljord, Piltover, Zaun, Ionia and the Shadow Islands have been announced.

Pinoy streamers Riku PH, Gloco, and Suzzysaur hanging out during League of Legends 10th Anniversary party held in Singapore. Those aspects will remain in LoL Esports Manager, but a new great aspect that is integrated on the League side of things is being able to do your team's Pick and Ban phase prior to a game. Called Legends of Runeterra, the game will arrive as a free-to-play strategy card game that will share the same universe as League of Legends.

As was the consistent theme of the event, Riot Games promised more information on all these projects would start to trickle out sometime next year.

Riot confirmed that Wild Rift will include more than 40 iconic champions at launch, but more will be added soon afterward.

So here's all you need to know about this exciting new game.

After 10 years on the PC, League of Legends will be moving to both mobile and console formats in the near future.

The play pattern sounds confusing and is probably one of the more unique versions of a digital card game we've seen, especially with monetization.

And with the League of Legends: Wild Rift announcement, we are hoping that it will trigger the button for Valve to make a mobile adaptation of Dota 2. Alphas and maybe even betas should be rolled out by the end of 2019 if we're lucky.