A phone made the Google Way | Introducing Google Pixel 4

Sunday, 20 Oct, 2019

Well, Black Friday really has come early for anyone now looking to pick up a Google Pixel 4. However, it now seems like a new policy across Google's range.

Avi Greengart, the lead analyst at Techsponential, agreed that widespread availability is necessary for a smartphone to rack up sales, but that it didn't necessarily guarantee that the Pixel 4 will be a success.

Although if you are a Pixel 2, 3 or 3a user you don't have to worry because Google is giving you original-size cloud backup for life.

If you love free stuff and the new Pixel 4 lineup, this deal is a shoo-in. "New Google One benefits help you get more from your Made By Google devices with Google Store member rewards, a free trial with Pixel 4, and Pro Sessions".

The Pixel 4 has a standard and telephoto camera on its back. The screen is larger using a 5.7-inch FHD+ OLED display.

Even though a generation old, the Snapdragon 845 chip remains a demanding one and outfitted to manage heavy jobs.

Ofentse Dazela, director of pricing research at Africa Analysis, believes Google's Pixel 4 devices will jostle for patrons in the high-end smartphone market with the likes of Apple, Huawei and Samsung. The Pixel Buds should provide five hours of battery life per charge with a charging case offering an additional 24 hours' worth of power. However, with the Pixel 4, they stopped that and this is why this story becomes weird.

More importantly, it's a sharp contrast to how Google has handled Pixel launches in the past. There's also no fingerprint reader so you can unlock the phone with your face and it's fast! But, it comes short in the front-facing second camera as it only offers an 8-megapixel camera setup. Pixel 3 camera has mostly been commended for its thickness mode and nighttime photography.

With Face ID, one of the criteria for unlocking the iPhone is that the user's eyes be open.

A cool new app records voice memos and transcribes what you're saying in real time - so you can search for keywords later.

The remainder of the specifications is largely at the level between both Pixel mobiles. The display consists of 90Hz. For those hoping to own this smartphone, the Pixel 4 64GB sells for $799 while the 128GB version goes for $899.