Brady Mocks Kraft's Spa Incident in Cameo Appearance in New Netflix Series

Sunday, 20 Oct, 2019

Paul Rudd tackles existential questions in his sci-fi dramedy, Living With Yourself, which airs on Netflix from Friday. Miles is also having a bad day. I think that was taken out of context just like you're taking it out of context and trying to make it a story for yourself, which has a negative connotation to it, which I don't appreciate. The Patriots quarterback, who nearly always has a smile on his face during his weekly media sessions, was clearly upset that people thought he was taking a dig at Kraft. The clone goes out into the world and thrives while the original goes to a shallow grave.

The scene is hilarious, as Rudd pulls up to a shady-looking massage parlor and seems to be ready to leave, only to see Brady walking out looking supremely refreshed. "A better you. The best you can be".

Telling Kimmel that he'd been thinking of moving to NY for the theater scene, Rudd related how, flying to the city for an audition, he hurriedly started memorizing a monologue from a favorite movie. I thought this was really clever and interesting.

"He was a great sport", Greenberg said.

"I think everybody knows what our relationship is about". Clone Miles is a better and polished version of depressed Miles whose career and marriage are at the edge of collapsing. Paul Rudd is amusing and fun to watch!

What's up everyone. I have found some curious things on Paul Rudd, current as of 2019-10-18. In Rudd's telling, it was just another day in the charmed life of a possible immortal being, but it got a shocked offscreen "No!" from one of Kimmel's heard-it-all crew, so that's pretty cool. Probably not. Like many actors, Rudd is at his best when he's acting in a certain genre of movie - for him, it would have to be comedies.

So Paul is playing two parts of the same guy, and that made it challenging to get into character.

Twice the Paul Rudd is twice as nice, obviously; however the two versions of his character cause quite the chaos in Living With Yourself, especially given that the double-up is a wholly unintended development. Doubling the number of Rudds in your television program is a can't-lose proposition!

Which leaves Living with Yourself in a somewhat precarious but not unprecedented position for a Netflix show.