NASA aims to put humans on Mars by 2035

Thursday, 24 Oct, 2019

"The goal is to land on the Moon within 5 years and be sustainable by 2028", Bridenstine said during a press conference following the agency leadership panel, clarifying that sustainability means "people living and working on another world for long periods of time".

The United States of America will always be willing to work closely with like-minded, freedom-loving nations as we lead mankind into the final frontier.

NASA astronauts and longtime friends, Christina Koch and Jessica Meir have been snapping space selfies as they change a failed battery charge unit on the first all-female spacewalk. While Koch had already been on three spacewalks before, it was Meir's very first venture out into the void.

Trump was flanked by Vice President Pence, who is chairman of the National Space Council, his daughter, and NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine, and White House adviser Ivanka Trump.

But she added: "It's really nice to see how far that we've come". Meir is the 15th woman to be sent into space.

While both women recognize how important and historic their spacewalk was, they also hope it becomes commonplace and isn't regarded as a big deal in the future. From the technical and scientific assessment of the Mars mission of NASA for 2035 target, but previously the agency discussed the date earlier in 2015.

NASA astronauts Christina Koch and Jessica Meir participated in a Monday media Q&A session from orbit on the ISS to talk about the historic spacewalk.

Her partner for Friday's spacewalk, Koch, also is a member of the 21st class of astronauts.

Meir politely corrected him, saying: "First of all, we don't want to take too much credit because there have been many other female space-walkers before us".

Meir and Koch ventured outside the International Space Station on Friday morning to replace a faulty battery charge/discharge unit that failed to activate after new lithium-ion batteries were installed on the space station's exterior structure October 11, according to NASA.