Trump says IS leader killed in United States military operation in Syria

Monday, 28 Oct, 2019

"We believe it is an important step toward peace and stability in the Middle East and recognize it as a result of the global fight against extremism", Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said at a press conference.

The organization known as ISIS became a problem for Washington only after it surged back across Iraq's western border, seizing roughly a third of the country from the corrupt US-backed regime. "Because while they build their military, we're depleting our military there".

The ISIS leader detonated a suicide-vest after being chased into a dead-end tunnel by special operations forces; Jacqui Heinrich with the details.

The US president has said he was unconcerned about the potential for escapees because "they're going to be escaping to Europe". He added that he may "make a deal with an ExxonMobil or one of our great companies" to go in and exploit it "properly".

"I think now they want to steal the oil, the Syrian oil".

Al-Baghdadi's body wasn't all they retrieved. The pullback also was viewed as an abandonment of the U.S.'s only ally in Syria, the Kurdish-led forces, who fought IS for years with the U.S-led coalition. The Islamic State began its killing spree in the vacuum of the Middle East by early 2014, in both Iraq and Syria.

Baghdadi would sometimes hold strategy talks with his commanders in moving minibuses packed with vegetables in order to avoid detection, Ismael al-Ethawi told officials after he was arrested by Turkish authorities and handed to the Iraqis. He was living in territory that was essentially ungoverned space, dominated by two different Qaeda groups -'s rivals - and now an emerging territory for ISIS fighters on the run.

While welcoming Baghdadi's death as a milestone in the fight against terror, European leaders emphasised that his group had not been entirely vanquished, in contrast to Trump's gung-ho rhetoric.

Kurdish forces appeared ready to portray al-Baghdadi's death as a joint victory for their faltering alliance with the USA, weeks after Trump ordered American forces to withdraw from northeastern Syria, all but abandoning Washington's allies to a wide-ranging Turkish assault. "We have taken it and secured it", the United States president said at his press conference, adding that he plans to make a deal with a U.S. energy giant to tap Syrian oil reserves. The war crimes committed by USA imperialism in the Middle East far eclipse the atrocities carried out by ISIS, which were merely one of their poisonous byproducts. I welcome the action that has been taken. Al-Qaeda's central leadership refused to accept the takeover and broke with al-Baghdadi.

Al-Baghdadi's identity was confirmed by a DNA test conducted onsite, Trump had said. Daesh has imposed bad suffering on innocent civilians.

"We're in that Middle East now for $8 trillion", he said, adding, "I'll tell you who loves us being there, Russian Federation and China". However, the poisonous ideology remains and we must work effectively with our worldwide allies and partners in rooting it out.

Moments after the White House team had gathered, US aircraft, mostly twin-rotor CH-47 helicopters, took off from Al-Asad air base in western Iraq.

"We passed the details to the Central Intelligence Agency and they used a satellite and drones to watch the location for the past five months", the official said.

"To portray to the American people and to the world that their job there is done and that they no longer needed to be in Syria", she said. No American personnel were lost in the encounter, he said.

"I would not rule out the potential of Islamic State propagandists timing the release of statements about al-Baghdadi's death to correspond with a high-profile terrorist operation somewhere in the world", Smith, who has provided expert testimony on the group to a United States Senate Committee, said.