Kate Hawkesby: President Trump has handled Al-Bagdadhi killing poorly

Wednesday, 30 Oct, 2019

And some top USA officials - including former President Barack Obama, who signed a law to reduce the amount of classified material - have lamented the government's tendency to over-classify information.

Roger Cressey, a former senior White House counterterrorism official in the Bill Clinton and George W. Bush administrations, tells TIME that the 48 minutes of Trump speaking and answering reporters' questions was "uniquely Trump" and "unlike any other president announcement".

"He has no filter", the official added.

"Just to be clear, I didn't say it was staged", Souza later tweeted after his initial post quickly went viral.

"This victory was not due to Donald Trump's leadership", former Vice-President Joe Biden said Monday.

He said the name of the dog has not been declassified yet.

At the same time, he described Conan-identified not by name but as a K-9 working with the team-as "a handsome dog, a talented dog".

He said the dog had been "slightly wounded and is fully recovering". USA officials said the two were captured in western Iraq. On his watch, Mr. Trump says that after almost generation of US troops fighting in the region, endless wars must cease. "A spokesperson for the Russian military said there were "valid doubts about the reality & success" of the US operation".

"This morning President Trump announced that U.S. Special Forces killed the leader of ISIS, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi", Slotkin said. "Trump himself said he didn't arrive to the Situation Room until 'around 5 p.m.' So it's definitely possible the photo was taken during the raid", he wrote.

Said the Russian defense ministry, according to Rosenberg: "We are not aware of any assistance having being given to US Air Force flights into the air space of the Idlib de-escalation zone in this operation..." The president's disclosure that the USA had taken ISIS fighters from the compound complicated efforts to try to keep ISIS from knowing who is alive or dead for as long as possible while they interrogate them, officials said.

Iraqi state television later broadcast night-time footage of an explosion and daytime images of a crater in the ground and what it said was the aftermath of the raid, including torn and blood-stained clothes.

At some point, al-Baghdadi fled down a tunnel beneath the compound, with the US forces in pursuit. "That's saying something! We brought him because of his nose". They have, for the most part, succeeded in keeping the American homeland safe at a staggering cost of thousands of military lives and trillions of dollars.

To all of the courageous men and women who planned, executed and supported the effort to eradicate al-Baghdadi, thank you.

Despite Baghdadi's death, the security situation in Syria remains complex, the secretary said, noting that state and non-state actors continue to vie for control of territory and resources.

One defense official tells CNN it is not likely the President's comments are based on him hearing Baghdadi's voice inside the Situation Room where he monitored the operation in real time unless special arrangements were made.

Instead of getting an impression that the photographer is trying to depict the glory and power of the U.S. president, you get the impression that these are a bunch of professionals focused on a solemn job: watching over a unsafe operation that would inevitably lead to death and that could go horribly wrong.

But there is another school of thought that says all that approach actually does is provoke the ire of Al-Baghdadi's followers, strengthen the resolve of those taking over from him, and that it only makes people hate the West more. It has been retweeted close to 27,000 times so far.