IPads, iPhones need software updates

Thursday, 31 Oct, 2019

The iPhone 5, which launched in 2012, is now considered a vintage Apple product and doesn't support recent versions of Apple's iOS software. Apple noted that iOS 13.2 provides "important security updates and is recommended for all users".

However, it's the iOS 13.2 that brings along the fun.

For iPhones and iPads older than iPhone 5s, Apple had released the iOS 9.3.6 update to fix the Global Positioning System time rollover issue. Or you'll at least have to update your iOS via computer, which is never fun.

iPhone 4s, iPad mini (1st generation), iPad 2 (CDMA models), and the iPad (3rd generation) all need to have iOS 9.3.6. The question now is: do you want to keep using it?

It's also worth mentioning that you can now change the resolution and frame rate of your videos in the Camera app directly.

Apple has also updated its emoji collection with iOS 13.2 by adding and updating over 70 new emoji. There are new accessibility-focused emojis, such as a service dog, people using wheelchairs, prosthetic arms and legs, a person with a white cane and more. It also brings the option to delete users' Siri and Dictation history from their iPhones.

Why? Apple says functions like syncing with iCloud and fetching email "might not work" if you don't update.

iPhone and iPad owners, there's a big update coming your way.

It's usually the iPad that inherits features from the iPhone, but there's one feature that Apple fans have been hoping for quite some time now would trickle down to the iPhone. Or, create a backup through iTunes or a third-party app to your so you have a locally archived copy just in case. The tech is made possible using the phone's A13 Bionic chipset and machine learning.

In addition, the latest software features HomePod voice support for up to six different voices and compatibility for AirPods Pro, the high-end version of Apple's popular wireless earbuds unveiled on Monday. This update also contains bug fixes and improvements. Deep Fusion uses computational photography to improve medium-light settings which quite give out some incredibly detailed photos but we will have to test that out to give a final verdict.

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