Jets' Adams: 'Patriots don't take calls on Tom Brady'

Saturday, 02 Nov, 2019

New York Jets running back Le'Veon Bell says the team has a game plan to get him "more involved" when they face the Miami Dolphins Sunday in Miami. The Jets' only move was to deal defensive lineman Leonard Williams to the Giants for two draft picks.

Logistically, from Williams' stand point, it's great because there's no upheaval, no inconvenience of moving to a different locale.

For a player that constantly made his love for the Jets known, the willingness to move suggests just how bad things have gotten in the locker room under Gase.

Williams was drafted sixth overall in 2015 out of USC.

The fifth-rounder the Jets are receiving could become a fourth-rounder if the Giants sign Williams to a contract extension which would appear to be a possibility given what the Giants gave up despite being 2-6.

Among the noticeable players, Jamal Adams shows up with a foot injury just two days after the Jets attempted to trade him.

After a few hours in which it looked like the New York Jets were going to be dismantled, the NFL's trade deadline came and went on Tuesday at 4 p.m. ET without making another major deal.

The deal reportedly was a source of disagreement between former general manager Mike Maccagnan, who negotiated it, and new coach Adam Gase, who reportedly was against it. Maccagnan was sacked later in the offseason and eventually replaced by Douglas.

Bell admitted that if he was Adams' age, playing for the team that drafted him still, he would feel the same way about seeing his name out in trade rumors. The Jets' trade price for Adams was said to be high, which explains why he was not dealt. "That's what I love about him".

"But, I obviously want to help my team win. To me, that's what's great about him". The Patriots don't take calls on Tom Brady. Same with Anderson, a Temple grad and bona fide deep threat, who led the Jets in 2018 with 50 receptions for 752 yards and 6 touchdowns. "I watched how he interacted with his teammates".

"I went up and talked to them. And if I do that, I think I'll be OK". He told reporters they weren't shopping Adams, but he did not say he was untouchable.

Ladies and gentlemen, your most recent Miami Dolphins' playoff team. Losses to either of these teams will drive them and fans insane.

The Jets general manager Joe Douglas left the Eagles to take his current job. Gase, presiding over the league's 32nd-ranked offense, acknowledged that he under-utilized Bell in Jacksonville. "It's all of us".