New Facebook logo arrives as its 'family' grows

Thursday, 07 Nov, 2019

The company said that it's a new symbol customized typography and is designed for clarity, with the target of developing visual distinction amongst the organization and app.

The new logo changes color constantly, . with each color representing one of the company's products including the Facebook app, Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, Oculus, Workplace, Portal and Calibra.

Facebook says it will use the new logo within its products and marketing materials soon. Rather, this is Facebook reestablishing its identity as it becomes a more complicated-and scrutinized-company. In other words, you'll be able to message a WhatsApp friend through Instagram even if you are not following each other on that platform.

According to the same statement, the logo has also been introduced in a bid to make sure users know that all Facebook products have shared infrastructure and their teams often work together. Facebook is also updating the company's branding to feature the name in all caps rather than in purely lowercase letters.

The new logo is created to pair with its various services, changing color to match the product it is accompanying such as green for WhatsApp or the purple and orange hue that is associated with Instagram.

In an interview to Bloomberg, Lucio said: "All the research that we've had from Generation Z and millennials was all very emphatic as to they need to know where their brands come from". Products encompassed in the Facebook brand include WhatsApp, Oculus, and Portal. Last month, a Pew Research survey found that only 29 percent of people in the USA knew Facebook owned Instagram and WhatsApp. "[That's] just a subset of the products and services that are part of the Facebook company", says Luke Woods, VP of Design at Facebook.

Facebook is facing criticism for its privacy and security issues. It's not a new logo for the social media service that's also named Facebook.

Its messaging purposes WhatsApp and Messenger are every utilized by greater than a billion individuals. Social media platforms are the immediate beneficiaries of this digital revolution as they have changed the way Indians communicate and share information.