Bevin asks recanvass of Kentucky governor vote

Friday, 08 Nov, 2019

With 100% of precincts reporting, Beshear led by rather over 5,000 votes out of extra than 1.4 million counted, or a margin of now not up to 0.4 share capabilities. Beshear declared victory, but Bevin had yet to concede.

"We want this process to move forward expeditiously".

"Integrity in our elections processes is crucial, and Kentuckians deserve to know that their votes are properly counted and tabulated", said Grimes.

Bevin defended his refusal to claiming that there had been "irregularities", although he did not offer any specifics. Another option is to petition the courts to recount the votes or contest the election which can take weeks.

"Before Donald Trump went to Kentucky on that last night and had those stupid shirts that had "Read the transcript" printed up ... his party lost the biggest landslide vote loss in the history of the United States Republican 2018 for following him blindly", Scarborough outlined. Like Bevin, his approval rating is abysmal (37 percent), but unlike Bevin, he's been around for a while.

"This historic victory should send a chill down the spines of Donald Trump and every Republican", Tom Perez, chair of the Democratic National Committee, said in a statement. While some Democrats and Trump bashers will point to this Republican loss as a blow to Trump, let's look at how the governor's race compared with the rest of the Kentucky statewide races. His opponent, Republican Matt Bevin has not yet conceded the election, citing unspecified "irregularities". With Bevin in office, educators organized under the banner of Kentucky 120 United, a grassroots advocacy group that called for sick-outs and staged massive protests in Frankfort over the past two years.

Bevin won the 2015 GOP primary for governor by just 83 votes.

Bevin had taken on the teachers union over pensions, argued about Medicaid expansion and made comments that backfired.

Could Mitch McConnell inspire the same next year?

Kentucky, however, remains firmly in the Republican camp with both state houses holding a Republican majority. Democratic voters in urban areas, on the other hand, are clearly fired up.

Trump spent Tuesday repeatedly pushing supporters to get out and vote, even linking to sites that provide information on polling places.

Virginia, meanwhile, has been steadily shifting blue over the past decade, and Democrats counted on Trump's deep unpopularity, and the growing clout of suburban Virginia voters, to help them reclaim the legislature.

"This was a case where Republicans and Democrats might be right", he said. But Bevin's unpopularity does not explain the results in Virginia.

The Republican lawmaker's comments sparked alarm, with observers warning the Kentucky GOP could be preparing to steal an election that didn't go their way. But that didn't pan out Tuesday in Kentucky and Virginia. In the suburbs, they're rejecting the socialist agenda of the Democrat Party.

Democrats were keenly focused on gun issues during the election, saying Republicans should be held accountable for failing to pass new restrictions after a mass shooting in Virginia Beach earlier this year.

It didn't. Instead the trend in Virginia that started in 2017 continued through 2019. It was also a potential sign that Democrats' start of impeachment proceedings against Trump has not yet triggered enough anger within the GOP base, or backlash among independents and moderates, to benefit Republicans. Hmmm.they all say that when they lose, don't they.or is it only the Republicans? His Democratic challenger, Andy Beshear, has been declared the victor by news organizations.