South Dakota's 'We're On It' anti-meth campaign puzzles the Twitterverse

Wednesday, 20 Nov, 2019

The tagline and campaign is aimed at "empowering" the people of South Dakota to work together to eliminate methamphetamine from their community, according to Laurie Gill, head of South Dakota's Department of Social Services.

The public service announcement is generating plenty of discussions online and elsewhere over whether the phrase "I'm on Meth" is a mistake or a clever marketing statement.

The Republican lawmaker adopted up with one other tweet saying that the state's epidemic "needs to be a dinner table conversation". But a new anti-methamphetamine campaign suggests that the government in Pierre did not learn from its masturbatory misfire.

Or even about the severity of South Dakota's meth epidemic.

A new website,, features resources for meth users to turn to for help as well as provides information for community members on how to form a coalition, employ prevention strategies in their homes and schools.

Ms. Gill said meth usage in South Dakota is becoming an epidemic, saying the amount of 12- to 17-year-olds in the state who have tried meth being almost double the 2018 national average. "We need to be more active and intentional in teaching kids the danger of meth use and the affect it can have on their lives". "Yes this is real and yes the state spent almost half a million dollars on it". "So I think that's working ..." "They running a poorly opinion out advert campaign though!", @romanknitter attempted to elaborate. For the most part people only talk about things they either love or hate.

Despite the criticism received over the internet, Governor Noem and her office stood by the controversial campaign. "Somebody get me some meth", tweeted a user.

South Dakota's costly anti-drug campaign with slogan "Meth, I'm on it" faced backlash as well as laughter from social media.

"We're all going to be taking some responsibility in battling it and making sure that it's not going to have a place in our state in the future", she said.

People across the nation are talking about it: South Dakota is on meth.