Joe Biden stumbles on race, pot, sexism at Democratic debate

Пятница, 22 Ноя, 2019

Biden's campaign team appeared to jump the gun, sending out a post-debate-related email at 3:09 p.m., The Hill reporter Niv Elis tweeted.

His backing among black voters remains strong, giving him a political firewall in the South, starting with SC, the fourth state to vote in the primaries, where blacks make up more than 60% of the Democratic electorate.

After the Democratic debate in Atlanta on Wednesday night, Warren is to deliver a speech on Thursday at Clark Atlanta University, one of the oldest historically black colleges. "It's cumbersome", Booker jabbed. "Other nations have tried this".

"Black voters are pissed off, and they're anxious", Booker said.

Buttigieg soon followed suit, though, arguing that most Americans were on their side - but warning that Democrats must "galvanise not polarise that majority". Biden continued to push for modifications to Obama-era health care reforms over the "Medicare for all" proposals from Warren and Sanders.

Noting that Trump won the crucial state of Wisconsin in 2016 in part because black turnout dropped in Milwaukee, he added, "We need to have someone who can inspire". Gordon Sondland, a Trump donor and the USA ambassador to the European Union, testified on Wednesday he "followed the president's orders" to carry out the pressure campaign against Ukraine. Throughout the campaign the former DE senator, who was known for being tough on crime but has acknowledged mistakes on criminal justice, said he supports medical marijuana and that possession shouldn't be a crime.

Maybe it's partially because of the impeachment hearings, given Ukraine has been featured so prominently in domestic political news, maybe it was partially because of the moderators, but this debate featured more foreign policy than others and was the first to address child care and voting rights.

Billionaire former NY mayor Michael Bloomberg put his name on Democratic primary ballots in Texas on Wednesday, paving the way for a possible late entry into the presidential race.

But as reflected in the debate, Democrats disagree that the White House has the edge on economic issues.

A happy medium tended to be struck - with so many candidates still onstage, it would seem nearly impossible to allow endless free and open conversation to play out without drowning some candidates out entirely. But he has not made similar gains beyond the two heavily white states that kick off the nominating process.

As Wednesday's debate came to a close, Booker made a plea to voters.

Biden - a once prohibitive frontrunner whose campaign has stagnated in recent months, primarily at the expense of Warren and Buttigieg - also drew flak.

Warren, who has been making a particular effort to connect with black women, said that her policies on housing and eliminating student debt would reduce discrimination against blacks. She released plans to raise $20-plus trillion in new government revenue for universal health care. By moderating more aggressively - up to and including flatly ignoring candidates' requests to speak, at times - the Maddow-led team was able to create segmented-off opportunities for each candidate to express him- or herself.

It is a coalition that could be even larger were it not for Sanders' revival. But other than the early question about his credentials, few candidates took many shots at him.

Sanders, 78, has gained strength in many surveys since having a heart attack last month.

The Biden campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment from the Daily Caller News Foundation. Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren talked about how a major Trump donor became the ambassador at the heart of the Ukraine scandal and reiterated her vow to not award ambassadorships to donors.