Scotland can not be held prisoner by English warns Scottish Nationalist leader

Friday, 20 Dec, 2019

Independence supporters mentioned in 2014 that one other vote ought to exclusively be held if there's a "materials change" within the relationship between Scotland and the remainder of the United Kingdom, similar to leaving the European Union and not using a majority in favour in Scotland.

The Conservative election campaign in Scotland was centred on opposition to independence and a referendum, and the prime minister has since told Ms Sturgeon that he "remains opposed" to a new vote.

Sturgeon said a document with her case supporting a referendum and draft legislation would be sent to Downing Street on Thursday, reports Efe news. We'll debate the way forward with two South of Scotland MSPs - the SNP's Joan McAlpine and the Conservative's Michelle Ballantyne.

The paper - entitled "Scotland's Right to Choose: Putting Scotland's Future in Scotland's Hands" - lays out the detailed case for how and why the country should be able to have the choice of independence in a referendum.

"You can not hold Scotland in the union against its will".

Scottish voters had "rejected the Tories, said no to Brexit she's not for me to decide that question, it's not for Boris Johnson to decide, it's for the people of Scotland".

If the Prime Minister does bow to pressure and Scotland does get another vote it would be late next year so by that stage Britain will have already left the European Union.

Nicola Sturgeon, who heads Edinburgh's pro-independence devolved government, said she has a new mandate to call for a fresh independence vote after winning the most seats in Scotland in last week's general election.

"It is for the prime minister to explain why he believes it is acceptable to ignore election after election in Scotland and to over-ride a democratic mandate stronger than the one he claims for his Brexit deal".

Since securing 47 out of Scotland's 59 Westminster seats with an increased vote share of 45% last Thursday, Sturgeon has described the general election as a "watershed moment" and declared that Scotland can not be "imprisoned in the United Kingdom against its will".

This was echoed on Sunday morning by Mr Gove, the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, who said the result of the previous referendum in 2014 should hold for "a generation".

'She wants to trap Scotland in a neverendum when most people simply want to move on'.

The party lost all but one of its Scottish seats, shedding votes in every constituency, and former MP Paul Sweeney said it was important for Labour to "reflect" on the constitutional position.

He said: 'Nicola Sturgeon has made it clear again if she doesn't win indyref2, it'll be straight on to indyref3 and indyref4.

'It is not the time for Scotland to give up on reasoned and democratic argument but to pursue it ever more confidently'.

Mr Blackford said: "The image of the prime minister playing with his phone, not listening to the SNP, says it all".

Meanwhile, the SNP's election success has increased the likelihood of a second Scottish independence referendum.

First Minister: "Democracy must and will prevail".