Apple, Google, Amazon are coming together to make your home 'smart'

Saturday, 21 Dec, 2019

Grant Erickson and Nik Sathe, engineers of the Google Nest, the connected home division of Google, said in a statement, "Both consumers and developers will benefit from this new universal smart home connectivity standard". However, with this increased convenience comes increased risk, which consumers may not be quick to ignore.

Apple has HomeKit, a smart home standard that links Apple products at home to each other. But the competition itself has caused confusion and trouble for consumers and manufacturers. Milanesi hinted that consumers attending the 2020 CES might be more attracted to the smart home products.

The press release only mentioned smart homes and didn't mention smart office buildings, but AV over IP is a popular buzzword in the industry now as wireless connectivity and the IoT permeate the audiovisual and smart building space.

That's why Apple, Google, and Amazon join forces.

While you should recognize Apple, Amazon, and Google as the big three of the group, the Zigbee Alliance has some pretty heavy hitters as well. Even more devices rely on other standards or work only with vendor-supplied apps. After making a decision, they need to be continuously updated throughout the device's life cycle to ensure security on all platforms.

Associated Home Over IP, as the new working gathering is called, will be initiated by the Zigbee Alliance, a gathering of organizations that create and keep up the ZigBee standard, which empowers closeness gadgets (e.g., light switches, brilliant speakers, locks) to converse with one another in the home.

It is still not known when the first products will be on the market.

Major Asian smart home companies, such as Baidu Inc (百度), Alibaba Group Holding Ltd's (阿里巴巴) Tmall (天貓) and Xiaomi Corp (小米), are also missing.

In keeping with the disgusting naming conventions of 2019, this new alliance has been named "Project Connected Home over IP".

The project is meant to guarantee that any supported smart home device you buy will work in your home, regardless of which smartphone or voice assistant you're using. Smart home devices will be compatible with multiple platforms, so you can choose between Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri or other platforms.

The new CHIP project, however, seems to be calling for a change, a system that works across all three of these players and with Zigbee, another standard, as well.

Amazon, Apple, Google and the Zigbee Alliance have announced a new partnership to build a simple smart home solution.

According to CNBC, the group will initially concentrate on physical safety devices.