Cristiano Ronaldo: Did I really jump 2.56 metres?

Sunday, 22 Dec, 2019

The incredible goal just before half-time put Juve on 42 points, three ahead of Inter ahead of their match with struggling Genoa on Saturday.

At 45th minute of the game, Cristiano Ronaldo jumped high and nearly seemed to hang in the air for seconds before bulleting a header past the goalkeeper. "There's nothing to say, only compliments".

Ronaldo spoke about his extraordinary aim after the sport, commenting: 'I'm very blissful for the victory.

He was surprised by the numbers around his goal: "I didn't know I was up (in the air) for so long".

Two stunning goals decided the fixture in Genova.

The goal was a sight to behold as it was a testament to Ronaldo's inhuman athleticism.

"The most important thing was to win and try to finish year at the top, at least in the league", Buffon said.

Alex Sandro sent the ball towards the goal post of the opposition team and there Ronaldo bounced and gave the ball a significant lead by showing the ball his right direction with his header.

The mercurial forward has always showed great physical prowess since he starting playing at the top level.

It shouldn't surprise many, then, that Ronaldo's home gym comes with all the equipment needed to stay in shape, including bench pressing products, circuit bikes, treadmills, fitness balls and recovery baths. You want to come with me?' This is what makes him special, he does stuff which just can't be replicated.

Sky Sports, via GiveMeSport, reports that Ronaldo jumped 2.93 meters in the air to score when Real Madrid met Manchester United in the UEFA Champions League back in 2013.

Forget the National Basketball Association: wherever Ronaldo is playing, that's Where Amazing Happens.