Minnesota shed 3000 jobs in November, unemployment rose to 3.3%

Monday, 23 Dec, 2019

The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate in the county remained unchanged in November at 4.4%, down from last year's 4.7%.

Statewide, the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate was 3.9% in November, the same rate as October but below the 4.1% rate in November 2018.

The state's Labor and Industry Department said Pennsylvania's civilian labor force rose by 18,000 people over the month-the fourth straight month in which employment and unemployment both increased. Florida's unemployment rate slightly outpaced the national rate of 3.5% reported by the U.S. Bureau Labor Statistics. But shortly after, over 2018 and 2019, the growth rate has fallen at an alarming rate, one that is only comparable to what we saw during the recession. The 61,963 workers who were unemployed was touted as a new record low, down from 83,298 in November 2018. The most recent numbers for the county, state and US aren't seasonally adjusted.

Job growth in DE was equal to the national rate of 1.5 percent during a one year period that ended in November.

Industries that lost jobs included construction (down 4,900) and manufacturing (2,600).

Shelby County in metro Birmingham had the lowest jobless rate at 1.8 percent while Wilcox County in rural west Alabama was highest at 6.3 percent. The biggest gains were among leisure and hospitality employers.

The largest bump in the DE job market came from the leisure & hospitality sector, which added 2,300 jobs over the past year. The farming sector dropped by an estimated 1,500 jobs and the manufacturing sector declined by approximately 900 positions.

About 17.6 million people worked in California outside of agriculture in November, up about 28,400 from October and an increase of 321,800 from a year earlier.