The Witcher Season Two will be more focused

Thursday, 26 Dec, 2019

The next Game Of Thrones is here, that too on Netflix. It's an unbelievable feat considering that the streaming service has come up with some truly awesome shows since its launch.

After years of following the show's development, The Witcher season one officially hit Netflix last Friday.

The Witcher, which released on Netflix on 20 December, has already become the highest-rated Original show of the streaming platform on IMDb, reports Forbes. For additional on what to watch, be sure to check out our middle of the season schedule to see when your preferred shows are back in the winter and spring of 2020. As per the description, Vesemir is fatherly, wise, sprightly, ancient, historian and keeper of secrets.

Drucker School of Management senior fellow Ryan Patel discusses Netflix's new controversial film "Messiah" and the company's competition in the streaming wars as well as Uber's Travis Kalanick resigning and Tesla's stock price. Interestingly, showrunner Lauren S. Hissrich has blasted critics who have been giving the series half-hearted reviews that may have affected its viewership. As per her, the stories that initiated in the first season will flourish in the second run.

That stronger drive comes from all of the relationships that were set up in season one. While it could be hard to estimate the release date for season two of the show, story details, book on which it will be based and cast and characters information for "The Witcher Season 2" is already out.

As Hissrich told, the upcoming season will move a slight away from the primary approach. Many have spotted an old tweet by Mark Hamill, who once joked about potentially playing Vesemir, an aged and experienced Witcher who acts as a father figure to Geralt (Henry Cavill's leading hero). It doesn't go well sometimes.