Universal sends theatres new cut of 'Cats' with 'improved visual effects'

Sunday, 29 Dec, 2019

This is still true in the "Cats" film credits, however, it is not on the list of dozens of people who died during the making of the film. The film is based on a Broadway musical which was composed by the award-winning Andrew Lloyd Webber. Hooper thought that 95 million dollars and a panel of stars would be able to contribute what was condemned from the beginning, and that is that this is a musical misfit to the big screen. The film was released in the US and in the United Kingdom Dec. 20 by Universal Pictures after months of heavy promotion.

It should also be noted that the audience score for Cats on Rotten Tomatoes is considerably higher than the critic composite rating, standing at a much healthier 64 percent.

The movie value a reported $100 million to provide and raked in an abysmal $6.5 million in field workplace gross sales its first weekend. So we can only hope this new version works out for him as well.

The HBO star's diatribe got here after she allegedly picked aside the movie in a tweet that has since been deleted. The review pointed out that the special effects of the film didn't do the film justice.

The Cats movie opened on 20 Dec, and to say it did not go down well would be an incredible understatement.

Viewers also noted a huge editing mistake. One viral photo showed a cat-ified Judi Dench performing with what appeared to be her own wedding ring.

If you haven't seen Cats in theaters yet and you want to, it's still available to watch.

This comes after it was revealed that a re-edited version is being reissued to cinemas and movie theaters a week after its original release. But, more specifically, she told the left-wing gay publication Out Magazine that she thinks her version of the Old Deuteronomy is a trans-cat.

You might not know that once upon a time, Judi Dench was set to play Grizabella and Jennyanydots in the 1981 West End stage production in London.