Ranking the first- and second-year head coaches

Wednesday, 01 Jan, 2020

Co-owner Steve Tisch is looking to take a greater role in the daily operations of the New York Giants as the organization begins a third coaching search in four years and faces criticism for retaining the general manager who hired the last coach.

The New York Giants fired head coach Pat Shurmur, the franchise announced on Monday, after yet another disappointing National Football League season where the team lost 12 of their regular season matches, winning four.

"He does know his batting average has to increase going forward", Mara said in putting Gettleman on the spot for next season. Williams finished with 26 tackles, a forced fumble, 11 quarterback hits, and a 0.5 sack with the Giants - not exactly what they were hoping for. The Giants ranked 30th in scoring defense this year and were routinely exploited in the passing game.

"If we hold our water, we'll get a third-round comp [ensation] pick". Gettleman defended the move, saying essentially that the team paid for eight games of information on Williams with draft capital.

"You need to have a quarterback, you need to be able to play defense, you need to run the ball", Shurmur said on Sunday.

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Set to hire his second coach to work with those pups, Gettleman noted the pressure is on in NY.

Money talks, however. And, unless the Giants blow him away with an offer, Williams would be foolish not to test his value on the free-agent market, where he could command $8-12 million per year, agents told The Post.

While all of the Giants' problems and struggles don't fall directly on the head coach, NY has lost a league-high 36 games since the 2017 season.

"That's a hypothetical", Gettleman said. "And I really feel good about the direction we're headed", he said during the press conference. "He wants to be here".

As misguided and utterly wasteful an allocation of draft picks Gettleman's line of thinking is, the Giants' contingency plan if Williams signs elsewhere shows how out of touch Gettleman is with today's NFL. He didn't shop for better offers than the one from the Browns because he didn't want to lose leverage by initiating talks.

"Unless you know something I don't", he said, "yes". "I know sometimes it's hard with the instant gratification piece".

There was no realistic way for Gettleman to stand at the podium and say they needed better coaching while also failing to acknowledge that he has failed to be effective in acquiring the talent needed to win in the NFL.

The Chargers got to the AFC divisional round of the playoffs last season, but this is an unforgiving business in which memories and patience are short.

"We're all on notice", Gettleman said.