Panthers LB Luke Kuechly retiring after 8 seasons

Thursday, 16 Jan, 2020

However, he suffered three concussions during his career, which may have led to his decision.

"I've been stuck in this process", he said during an impromptu news conference as news broke in August.

Kuechly, who has been the heart of the Carolina defense since the team selected him with the No 9 overall pick almost eight years ago, stunned the National Football League world by revealing his decision in an extended statement on the Panthers website.

Kuechly's case for the Hall of Fame should include that he finished each season with more than 100 tackles and playing at a consistently high level over eight seasons. Kuechly was considered one of the best linebackers this decade and was the backbone of the Panthers defense. The next season, he was crowned Defensive Player of the Year. He made seven consecutive Pro Bowls, was a first-team All-Pro five times, and made it to Super Bowl 50 with the Panthers. In 118 games, he's totaled a remarkable 1,092 combined tackles.

After just eight years, Kuechly's career coming to an end won't impact how his performances on or off the field are remembered.

Kuechly filmed his video in the Panthers' linebackers room. Few players on the team could compete with the linebacker in terms of overall popularity and visibility around the league. "The impact that Luke Kuechly will have on this world will not be in football". He was an incredible linebacker but is regarded as a phenomenal person off the field.

A Renewed Focus on Health?

Barry Sanders and Calvin Johnson had their reasons, and both of their early retirements were a surprise.

Luke Kuechly is hanging up his cleats. "I haven't been able to live the life I want to live". A cavalcade of honors are sure to follow for Luke from a team that will be looking to celebrate one of its finest champions. Carolina defeated New Orleans 41-38. For much of the 2019 season, he brought on more questions by being non-committal. Kuechly, like Willis and Luck before him, is one of those players that just can't be replaced.