Microsoft launches new dev tools for building Windows 10X dual-screen experiences

Wednesday, 12 Feb, 2020

It's still early days for dual-screen Windows devices, after all, and there is still time for Microsoft to learn from the ecosystem and adapt accordingly.

Windows 10X is the upcoming operating system from Microsoft, designed for dual-screen devices such as the Surface Duo and Neo. The 10X container will include a lightweight version of Windows (Win32), which will be loaded only by those apps which require it. According to him, Microsoft is now seeding Surface Duo devices to more employees internally, encouraging them to use and test the product. Thanks to some patents owned by the company, Microsoft earned much more money thanks to the popularity of the Android operating system than it could have ever hoped to make selling Windows Phone handsets. During the Microsoft 365 Developer Day livestream, Microsoft detailed three key areas that developers can focus on to enhance their apps for these new form factor devices.

Microsoft Emulator and the image for Windows 10X are now available.

Whether it's a Windows, Android, or web app, Microsoft is making it easy for developers to adapt their apps to take advantage of the new capabilities introduced with dual-screen and foldable devices. This is fascinating because when the Surface Duo was announced last fall, there was no trace of the flash in Microsoft's promotional video.

You can download the Windows 10X emulator and SDK from the Windows dev tools site. On more than one occasion in the video the user has to repeat taps or swipes before the Duo responds to the input. What are your thoughts on Microsoft's push for dual-screen app development? The other display, meanwhile, shows a home screen including apps such as Outlook, Google Maps, and YouTube.

At one point, the person using the dual-screen device appears to struggle to get the interface to work in the required manner, but there are doubtless still plenty of UI issues to be ironed out at this point. And there will also be the Dual Screen accessory for the LG V60 ThinQ.

One of the biggest tech surprises in 2019 was Microsoft's announcement of the Surface Duo in October. This wasn't there in the prototype Surface Duo that was shown off in the October Microsoft event.

This new Surface Duo runs Android and is scheduled for release around Christmas 2020.

The Surface Neo, though a Windows 10 device using a Microsoft-built emulator, will be expected by most customers to run all Windows apps.