CDC confirms 15th case of coronavirus in the United States

Friday, 14 Feb, 2020

Four groups are still in quarantine. The patient was one of four discharged from isolation back to quarantine quarters after initially testing negative for the virus.

The fast-spreading virus has killed 1,370 people and infected about 60,000, almost all in China, constraining the world's second largest economy and handing the ruling Communist Party one of its most hard tests in years.

Just over 500 cases have been reported outside of mainland China.

UC San Diego Health spokeswoman Yadira Galindo said in an email that the patient left the hospital "the same way they arrived with all precautions taken".

World Health Organization director general Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus announced Tuesday that the coronavirus is now called COVID-19.

All are being cared for in rooms isolated from other hospital units and equipped with special negative-pressure air-handling equipment created to keep any airborne pathogen from spreading. Those passengers are all serving 14-day quarantines that started the day they left China.

Some 200 evacuees at March Reserve Air Base in Southern California were scheduled to be released from their two-week quarantine on Tuesday. The other three patients tested negative.

"The ones who were sicker have improved", Dr Nancy Messonnier, director of the CDC's National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, said last week. The virus outbreak that began in China and has spread to more than 20 countries is stretching already-strained public health systems in Asia and beyond, raising questions over whether everyone can get equal access to treatment. Hubei previously only allowed infections to be confirmed by a specific test that was in short supply.

The number of people killed by the coronavirus has jumped by record numbers, as Chinese health officials said 242 people had died on Thursday - the fastest rise in the daily count since the outbreak.

The CDC did not immediately return inquiries Tuesday morning, and UC San Diego Health representatives did not clarify why the released patient's test results changed to positive. The exact timing and occurrences on base - how long the infected evacuee was present and everything he or she did while there - has not yet been made public. Results for a patient sent to a UCSD hospital Monday have not been shared publicly. Carter Evans is outside a military base in California with details on the latest US case.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and UC San Diego Health on Tuesday provided additional information on how the snafu happened.