World Health Organization gives official name to coronavirus, death toll crosses 1017

Saturday, 15 Feb, 2020

As part of this, they avoided giving references to specific geographies, animals, or select groups of people, so that in no case the name of the disease is used for any kind of stigmatization or to target any community/ethnic group. Coronaviruses are a family of viruses that can cause the common cold and some more serious diseases, including SARS, which killed 800 in 2002-2003 and the Middle East respiratory syndrome, which continues to cause sporadic cases and is believed to jump to humans from camels.

The new name will hopefully allow people to disassociate the disease from where it originated. The "CO" in COVID stands corona, while "VI" is for virus and "D" for disease.

The new name is taken from the words "corona", "virus" and "disease", with 2019 representing the year that it emerged (the outbreak was reported to the World Health Organization on 31 December).

You or I could have come down with a coronavirus at some point in our lives, and not even paid notice to it; most people get infected with the viruses at some point, although they usually only last for a short period of time. Although the number of newly confirmed cases has stabilised in China, Tedros cautioned that the outbreak "could still go in any direction". After the outbreak, the World Health Organization had requested all scientific journals to first share with it any paper that they receive before publishing.

TT Govt News
TT Govt News

Topics under discussion included: the current status of COVID-19 from an worldwide and regional perspective, the confirmation of the roles of key entities and clarification of travel restrictions into the country.

A QUARANTINE, according to the Cambridge dictionary, "is a period of time during which a person or animal that might have a disease is kept away from other people or animals so that the disease can not spread".

Following the outbreak of the new coronavirus, there have been reports of xenophobic incidents and attitudes, particularly towards people of Asian descent. Outside the province, the number of new patients has declined for the past week.

Abuelezam, an epidemiologist, said the summary was meant to provide a better understanding of the technical side of coronavirus, and how to reduce the risk of infection-regularly washing hands with soap and warm water, covering coughs and sneezes, staying home if you feel sick. "When does the turning point occur?" Zhong, however, had previously predicted in late January that the epidemic would peak by the first week of this month.