Peace Deal with Taliban is Conditions-based Agreement: US Defence Secretary

Wednesday, 04 Mar, 2020

Meanwhile, the militants have refuted the government's claim that violence nationwide must remain low during intra-Afghan talks.

Under the agreement, the United States is committed to reducing the number of its troops in Afghanistan to 8,600 from 13,000 within 135 days of signing.

By promising to cut down its troops initially and within 14 months completely, the USA emphatically capitulated to Afghan insurgents' heartland precondition to vamoose from Afghanistan and plausibly autographed a testimonial that would elevate the tally of the graves in the "Graveyard of Empires".

Qureshi expressing his views said the road to peace has never been easy, the historic agreement you saw was signed in Doha wasn't easy as there were hick-ups there were difficulties. His experience as a senior diplomat as well as his language skills and cultural understanding allowed him to navigate the hard political and cultural issues that plagued the process to negotiate directly with the Taliban, the Afghan government, the government of Pakistan, regional Arab neighbors, and our allies - all of whom have a vested interest in the war's outcome.

The U.S. Embassy in Kabul did not immediately respond to a request for comment Monday.

According to "Dawn" report, the Taliban on Monday stated that they can get in on the inter-Afghan discussion only if the Taliban prisoners tend to be introduced, after Ghani has actually rejected to discharge the prisoners.

Qureshi was referring to Ghani's statement that the Afghan government has no commitment to releasing 5000 Taliban prisoners.

If not addressed and settled the right away, Afghan government's renunciation of freeing Taliban fighters, divisions in the Afghan political parties and the prowlers of Afghan peace process could disrupt global peace efforts, which would be disastrous for Afghanistan, the USA and the whole region.

"If they [Taliban] want to discuss prisoners, then they should not have any other conditions because we have our own conditions", Ghani recently told a gathering in the eastern Nangarhar province. The president of Afghanistan is not the agreement's only critic.

But a joint U.S.

This appears to be driven by the Afghan government refusing to release prisoners promised under the peace deal. "Prisoners have been exchanged in the past as well", the FM said.

He added that the prisoner release "cannot be a requisite for talks", and instead should be part of the negotiations.

"We have built an important base where we can begin to bring American soldiers home, reduce the risk of the loss of life of any American in Afghanistan, and hopefully set the conditions so the Afghan people can build out a peaceful resolution to their, now what for them is a 40 year struggle", he said. He said they were being held in Afghan government prisons and that the sick and older prisoners should be freed first. As informed by Reuters, the decline in violence was supposed to last seven days. USA officials addressed the violence by noting it will not end immediately, but will hopefully decline over time.

But he added that the current calm does not mean that the Taliban is unwilling to restart its militant activities.

The Taliban resumption of attacks on the Afghan government is serving two immediate purposes: To help keep their fighters engaged and to keep the Afghan government under pressure.

"This agreement was enabled by the tremendous sacrifices our servicemen and women have made over the past 18 plus years", he said.