Bond director gives fans sneak peek at No Time to Die

Thursday, 05 Mar, 2020

The previous record-holder for longest Bond movie was the bloated Spectre, which was 148 minutes long (and felt like it).

According to a report, the theatre listing indicates that the upcoming movie in the James Bond franchise might turn out to be the longest Bond film ever. Now it has to be noted that this has not been officially confirmed and cinema chains sometimes do get these bits of info wrong.

The record is now held by 2015's "Spectre" which was 148 minutes long. After which it goal appropriate got here around", and went on to touch on her connection to Craig via the overall course of: "You know, Daniel [Craig] is in actuality, in actuality fervent from the starting.

Are you excited to see No Time to Die?

"I think that goes for numerous characters". A long pre-title sequence would also match the unverified rumors that No Time To Die is nearly 3 hours the longest film in the franchise. However, he's called back into action to help track down a missing scientist.

"We wanted to do something extraordinary", said the Director.

"It will be a combination of all that Bond has become", the director teased.

"The world's changed", he continued. The world's modified, the guidelines of engagement aren't what they used to be, the guidelines of espionage (are) darker on this period of uneven warfare. Five years into retirement, "the people close to Bond, the ones he considers to be family, are at great risk". He's talking about Rami Malek's mysterious villain character, whose name is "Safin" but whom many fans speculate is actually playing a new version of Dr. Whoever they are, they're smarter and stronger than Spectre, ' Fukunaga, famous for his work on the series True Detective as well as the acclaimed film Beasts Of No Nation, continued.

A brand-new behind-the-scenes featurette, has Fukunaga explaining his take on Bond; both the character and the franchise. So, April 8th is the date, when we will once again see Daniel Craig doing the impossible stunts and going for the impossible mission.