King County prepares for ballot changes in primary

Friday, 06 Mar, 2020

This year, because Super Tuesday now includes California, which moved its primary to join the rest of the states that usually participate, the stakes are even higher than usual.

However, about 157,000 votes were considered invalid. He also reminded election workers to frequently wipe down surfaces that are touched by voters, who will be sharing pens and booths to mark their paper ballots. Many county elections officials choose to tally and report these early voted ballots before results come in from precincts, many of which are far away from county headquarters.

According to Benson, if a voter wishes to spoil an absentee ballot they have already voted, they can submit a written request to their local clerk by mail if it is received by 2 p.m. the Saturday before the election.

When asked whether it was safe to be holding political rallies during the current public health crisis, President Trump - who will attend a rally with his supporters Monday night in Charlotte, N.C. - responded, "I think it's very safe. It just is what it is", Rep. Garnett said.

Texas has always been considered to be a Republican state, but changing racial demographics this past decade has created a shift in votes.

How and when are provisional ballots counted?

How will ballots be counted and will my vote remain secret?

Another idea that groups like have been advocating for is moving the state to a ranked-choice voting system. "I was called a communist, and they said I was stepping on their constitutional rights". For a list of early voting sites go to: and select Early Voting Sites.

King County prepares for ballot changes in primary
King County prepares for ballot changes in primary

The next election in Pennsylvania is the 2020 primary on April 28, 2020. Selfies are only allowed outside the polling place, Benson said.

While several candidates announced prior to Tuesday's primary that they were pulling out of the race for the Democratic nomination for president, there were still 18 candidates on the county's Democratic primary ballot. But they also saw problems statewide on Tuesday.

At the time, county officials insisted they didn't have the capacity to mail everyone a ballot.

This is the first election ten of those counties have voting centers with the pilot program five using it in 2018. Now, they're hoping state lawmakers will consider a bill to make the switch. A former Jehovah's Witness, Latham has been barred most of her life from voting. Trump took 4,216 votes, or 97.98% or votes; Joe Walsh had 37 votes (.86%) and Bell Weld had 22 votes (.51%).

Republican Kaleb Wingate, of Waynesville, got his party's support for the NC District Court Judge District 30 seat and will face Democrat Justin Greene, of Bryson City in November. In the end, though, it might come down to the cost-effectiveness of switching systems.

No printer? Voter registration applications are also available at the U.S. Post Office, Philadelphia public libraries and, amusing enough, state liquor stores.

The requirement to declare a party applies only to the presidential primary, as stated by the Secretary of State's Office.