Google Assistant Now Reads Articles Out Loud In 42 Languages

Saturday, 07 Mar, 2020

Today, Google have announced that Google Assistant can now read whatever news articles aloud.

Whenever you open a web page in your Google Assistant and give a command "hey google read this page".

Moreover, Android phone users can also choose from four different voices - two male and two female.

Google Assistant has improved a lot these years, with more and more features available, created to make our lives a little easier, like using it to send messages on WhatsApp.

Google appears to be rolling out this feature to Assistant right now. Developers of mobile apps can also add the ability for Assistant to read aloud app content by using Actions on Google.

Google noted that reading text-heavy websites can be chaotic. Google had mentioned this feature as a possibility before, but they were not sure it would be ready for launch. So not only can it read French pages in French, for example, but you can use the translation menu to convert a web page written in French to English and have Google read it aloud to you. If you do not want the feature to work on your site, you can see how to do so on Google's support site.

Google says that websites will not require doing anything extra to enable this feature.

Google hopes that with this new experience, it can remove language barriers and help a wide variety of people access information from the web more easily. The interactive feature, which has become one of Google's most successful products in recent time has gained another wonderful functionality that is capable of translating texts into voice. This means Google Assistant can live translate a webpage to your preferred language and read that aloud as well.