Amid Price Gouging, Cuomo Introduces State-Made Hand Sanitizer For Schools, Municipalities

Tuesday, 10 Mar, 2020

Meanwhile, Gov Cuomo also on Monday unveiled a new state-made sanitizer after declaring a state of emergency over the weekend as officials battle the virus. The city was the location of the first confirmed case of COVID-19, the illness caused by the strain of coronavirus, in the state.

"If we came up with a cure today, and tomorrow everything is gone, and you went up to this governor - who is, you know, not a good governor, by the way - if you went up to this governor, and you said to him, 'How did Trump do?' He would say, 'He did a awful job, '" the president continued. A New Rochelle lawyer who works in Manhattan was the state's second positive case, and he may have infected dozens of people, if not hundreds, in recent weeks. He said the state needs more help from the federal government and the Centers for Disease Control.

As new cases of the ever-burgeoning coronavirus are confirmed in NY, leaders of the Empire State have launched some ideas that have received some backlash for their presumed ineffectiveness and downright silliness.

There are now 70 confirmed cases in Westchester County, by far the highest concentration of cases in the state. Suffolk County and Ulster County each have one case. "So, he is going to be in quarantine, he'll be working at home". He has been a strong voice against the current price gauging situation, urging New Yorkers to report such situations via 311 and telling businesses that they could be fined or even lose their licenses if they're confirmed to be price gauging products such as hand sanitizer, face masks, and alcohol.

Cuomo called on the US federal government to expedite their approval of private labs and automated and manual testing to expand New York State's testing capacity, according to an announcement from the governor's press office.

"This is a superior product to the items on the market", he added.

In Washington state, King County and Snohomish County have been hit particularly hard. The lab has received supplies and materials from the CDC and healthcare providers can now order COVID-19 tests from Erie County.