The super worm moon marks the last full moon of winter

Среда, 11 Мар, 2020

Supermoons appear slightly bigger and brighter in the night sky than an average full moon.

The near full supermoon sets over London.

The tremendous bug moon rises above Brooklyn and the Statue of Liberty in New York City on March 9, 2020 as observed from Jersey City, New Jersey.

Super Worm Moon, one of the brightest full moon images of the Moon, will be seen tonight in its brightest state in Europe and Asia.

Southern tribes called this the worm moon after the earthworms that appear as the ground begins to thaws.

Following the Worm Moon, two other supermoons will reach their peak fullness this year. The Moon's closest approach, within 90% of the perigee, combined with a full moon results in a supermoon.

The super worm moon marks the last full moon of winter
The super worm moon marks the last full moon of winter

Because of this astrologers feel the Virgo Full Moon will always supply a sense of much needed grounding and reality checks.

There's the blue moon, the full moon, the super moon. and also THE WORM MOON. However, a full moon may not necessarily be a supermoon because the Moon revolves in an elliptical orbit around the Earth. The closest supermoon of the century will occur on December 6, 2052. Both will be full micromoons, and so, they will appear smaller, and not as bright as more typical full moon. The moon will be at apogee on March 24, making it a new micromoon. This is also the time when birds return eating again, signaling the start of spring.

February: Snow Moon to coincide with heavy snow. The "worm moon" happens in March when the ground is warming after winter and the worms either come out of hibernation or new baby worms are born from eggs a year ago. This year boasts four full moons - including this one and another last month - that meet the Supermoon designation threshold based on the orb's position in its orbit around the Earth.

May: Flower Moon because of the abundance of blossoms.

The next supermoon is scheduled to appear on April 8th.

Fusek said: 'The moon was rising up but I was at the wrong spot, I was two miles away.