Schools across CT close as state allows for shorter school year

Saturday, 14 Mar, 2020

Other school districts to close include Gunnison Watershed School District Community, which said it would suspend classes Friday.

The Park City School District distributed a survey hoping to identify families in the district that do not have access to wi-fi.

On Wednesday, Commissioner Riley was "strongly urging" districts to cancel out-of-state travel in addition to worldwide trips.

The school system will remain in consultation with the Georgia Department of Public Health and other state and local authorities as school officials evaluate this evolving situation. "It is not a matter of if this virus will spread, it's a matter of when, and we wanted to take proactive measure to ensure our families remain healthy". In Waterbury, the district's food services staff will begin serving breakfasts and lunches for public school students' families to pick up at all of the district's 32 schools starting Monday.

Read the full letter here.

Loudoun County, one of Virginia's largest school districts has closed Thursday and plans to stay closed until March 20. Loudoun County also said it would close schools. Moving to online education would be hard: A fourth of students don't have adequate broadband at home and the district could provide computers to only about half of its students. China has reported no case of a young child dying of COVID-19. All staff will work remotely to best support students, including delivering digital and physical instructional resources to students while they're at home.

The statement continued, that any district-led travel is being considered on a case-by-case basis, based on who will be attending, the location, and manner of transportation. Washington state's governor ordered closed schools in three counties in the Seattle area.

New modeling suggests that if the spread of the novel coronavirus is not slowed, there could be 25,000 infections in King and Snohomish counties by April 7, with 400 of those people likely to die.

"We realize this decision creates inconveniences for residents, businesses, and organizations in our city but the health and safety of our community must come first", said Mayor Joseph A. Curtatone. We understand this will cause great inconvenience but we stand with health officials in our commitment to stop the coronavirus spread. I know this will be a tough time, but we're doing this to keep the most people we can safe.

The district will take those days along with March 30 to provide teachers with assistance in developing at-home learning materials for students whose parents choose to self-quarantine after spring break.

Gov. Mike DeWine framed the school closings as an extended spring break, and CMSD Superintendent Eric Gordon said he is still waiting to learn from the Ohio Department of Education whether this will be more like a vacation for students, or an extended period of remote learning.

Landers wrote that she will send out phone messages on Friday to update the community on when schools will reopen.