All McDonald's set to close by tomorrow evening

Thursday, 26 Mar, 2020

In a statement released yesterday (22 March) explaining that all the restaurants would be closing in a bid to help reduce the spreading of coronavirus.

Fast food giant McDonald's closed all its outlets across the United Kingdom and Ireland at 7pm on March 23, 2020, in the wake of the Coronavirus update, because it had become increasingly hard over the last 24 hours to maintain social distancing whilst operating busy takeaway counters and drive-through restaurants.

It also follows an announcement by the company just the previous day that it would be beefing up its takeaway, McDrive and third-party delivery services.

In China, the epicenter of the virus, McDonald's has reopened 95% of its restaurants, Chief Executive Officer Chris Kempczinski said on Friday.

Earlier on the company had closed its seating areas while offering takeaway and drive-thru services.

McDonald's has about 135,000 employees in the UK. However, the restaurants will now be fully closed.

The prime minister, Boris Johnson, has repeatedly called on the public to stay at home whenever possible and only venture out for essentials such as food or medicine.

Other fast food restaurants such as Burger King, Subway and KFC remain open but most have changed operations to "take away" only.

Nando's employs around 20,000 workers in the UK.

Costa Coffee will close its 2,700 branches by the end of Monday, but would keep some hospital branches open to serve health care workers.

Debenhams also announced on Monday it was closing all of its 140 department stores in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

They, 'look forward to opening our doors again to you when it is safe to do so'. The company expects the government's financial aid package to have kicked in by that time, in which staff will be paid 80 percent of their wages.