Senate, White House reach $2tn Covid-19 rescue deal

Thursday, 26 Mar, 2020

New York City, home to more than 8 million people, had 157 deaths and some 15,000 cases of Covid-19, almost one-third the U.S. total yesterday, despite imposing strict limits on travel, socializing and work.

As President Donald Trump pressed his case for a reopening of the U.S. economy within a few weeks, Cuomo said that being too hasty to ease the limits on travel, socializing and working together would cost lives.

Trump told Fox News he'd like to see people go back to work by Easter, in mid-April. During a Tuesday interview, Cuomo decried Trump as well as his conventional allies who, in current days, have actually suggested the monetary expenses of these safety steps are undue.

"I'm not blaming him or anything else, but he shouldn't be talking about us", Trump said.

At least 150 people have died statewide.

Cuomo said he now believes that the state could need as many 140,000 hospital beds in about three weeks as the number of new cases increases at a steep trajectory.

He has also warned the state is short of the 30,000 ventilators needed to manage the crisis.

Connecticut's confirmed cases soared by about 50 per cent overnight to 618, and the infection rate is expected to continue escalating for the next two or three weeks, Governor Ned Lamont said.

"What we're studying is what is the high point of that line, what is the apex of that line? That is a bad combination of facts". NY hospitals can now support only 53,000 beds, and even the mandated 50% increase in capacity Cuomo announced yesterday will do little to undercut this severe dearth in resources.

The governor reiterated his call for the federal government to help ease the critical shortage, saying the Trump administration could use the Defense Production Act to compel companies to produce equipment.

On Wednesday, Mr. Trump reported that he had a "good conversation" with Mr.

Cuomo said NY needs 30,000 ventilators but now has only about 4,000 statewide. It needs tens of thousands more.

Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo issued an executive order on Saturday allowing the state's Department of Financial Services to issue the emergency regulation.

"FEMA is sending us 400 ventilators". Cuomo estimated hospitals need an additional 30,000 ventilators. "Just sent 4000 ventilators!" "You're missing the magnitude of the problem". "He's been extraordinarily helpful on all of these situations", Cuomo said Wednesday during his latest coronavirus press briefing.

Cuomo wasn't entirely without critiques for Washington, however, panning a $2 trillion federal stimulus package as not going far enough for NY. It's just a matter of time.

He had ripped the federal government on Tuesday for offering what he described as a paltry supply of ventilators, but struck a more conciliatory tone on Wednesday. "How much death do we want to tolerate in this country before we think it's too much and we have to do more?"

On Tuesday, Cuomo said he understood that shutting down the economy is unsustainable, but he plans to develop a refined public health strategy that's also an economic strategy instead of sacrificing one for the other.

He went out of the way to praise Jared Kushner, who "knows NY and is working in the White House and he's been extraordinarily helpful on all of these situations".

"I will turn this state upside down to get the number of beds that we need", he said.