Trump Call to 'Protect Asian Americans' Criticized

Thursday, 26 Mar, 2020

Trump denied that the term creates stigma and told reporters at the time that the virus came from China and that he wanted to be accurate. "I think I made a big deal".

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the United States had reported only around 10 cases when it banned the entry of foreign nationals who had travelled to China within 14 days.

The US President has often called COVID-19 as "Chinese Virus" which the World Health Organisation (WHO) has explicitly advised against it. "They've been through hell", he said.

Geng said the Chinese side has noticed relevant reports and added that on March 20, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo accused China, Russia and Iran of "carrying out disinformation campaigns related to the coronavirus pandemic". He said last month that spreading such theories would be "crazy", even though a foreign ministry spokesman had repeatedly floated the idea on Twitter.

Since last week, Trump has been heavily criticized for continuing to use the phrase, China virus, despite officials in his own administration that have said this phrase isn't appropriate and some GOP lawmakers asking Trump to stop using the term.

China said Wednesday that it firmly opposed "stigmatization" and urged the work with it to combat the pandemic.

"The virus doesn't care where you are from or what ethnicity you are".

China called on the United States to manage its own business well and play a constructive role in worldwide cooperation on fighting the pandemic and safeguarding global public health security, Geng said.

Noting there has been some debate between China and the United States over the origin of the virus recently, Geng said it was the US side that provoked this debate by first claiming that the virus originated in China and first using the terms "Chinese virus" and "Wuhan virus".

The World Health Organization discourages such terminology, saying it can stigmatize communities and falsely indicate to others that they cannot be infected.