Adam Silver On Player Travel, Testing, 2020/21 Season

Wednesday, 13 May, 2020

Silver made this revelation during a conference call with players on Friday, per Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports. There will be a significant impact on the NBA's finances, especially if the rest of the season is canceled and there are no fans at games next season.

The NBA would be facing a tremendous economic blow because Silver said attendance makes up 40 percent of the league's revenue.

But the call wasn't all doom and gloom.

He said ownership within the National Basketball Association remains uniformly interested in seeing a playoff conclusion to the current year.

With travel problematic amid social distancing and stay-at-home requirements in a number of American states, the league believes it would be safer to return to action in just one or two sites, with Orlando and Las Vegas being the front runners.

Shelburne reported that a semi-bubble might be possible where players and families could all be at one place, likely Disney World in Orlando, but other boxes would have to be checked like rules on gatherings being lifted, before any games would occur.

If a player were to test positive, they would be forced to self-isolate.

- Silver once again emphasized that the league won't begin aggressively testing people while there's a high demand for tests in the country.

In terms of what happens once a player gets tested positive, Silver told the players that they would continue playing and have that player self-isolate and self-quarantine. Silver also told players that the start of next season could be pushed until December, regardless of whether this season was completed or not.

- Silver also discussed a training camp that would last a minimum of three weeks, although even that seems short.

The remark comes a day after some teams were allowed to open their facilities to players for individual workouts, as long as the team's region had enough testing materials to screen asymptomatic players. There was a suggestion that some teams were forgetting these workouts were, in fact, voluntary.