Epic Games Store: The Witcher 3, more games rumored to be free

Monday, 18 May, 2020

It all started with the launch of the GTA 5 free download promo. But what about the players who do not have it yet? You can download the launcher by clicking here. Obviously, if you have a budget, you can always purchase the game and enjoy it.

While Epic has yet to formally announce what the free game will be, many expect it to be GTA V, but have been able to check. This is a collective amount generated from over 5 platforms.

GTA 5 is a wildly popular game all over the world. And, while this was my first time on the Epic Store myself, you'll have to go elsewhere for my take on how good or bad the store itself is. They also added, 'we are now experiencing high traffic on Epic Game Store.

With the free $15 voucher, you'll be saving an additional amount on these prices. That means rather than the titles being available through the Xbox Games Pass.

Sweetening the deal is a $10 coupon that can be earned by signing into your Epic Games account. No trial version, No cracked version not even a half version. After, the download should be available to you. However, it has maintained a huge fan base and players, who play the game quite often.

Since a popular game like GTA 5 is available for free, people around the globe are going mad about it! Well, at least until the GTA 6 is launched.

Epic will send a receipt on your email and the game will be instantly added to your Epic Store library. As part of the sale event, Epic is also giving a free Blockbuster game every week starting from 14th May and ending on 11th June. GTA V released back on 17 September 2013, so why the sudden jump in players now? A notable error many users have experienced is the Error 500, which usually has to do with the high level of traffic hitting the digital storefront. Sounds like a Win-Win situation for everyone. The game format allows us to complete an interesting story through various missions.