IPhone 12 Display Specs Leaked by Analyst

Friday, 22 May, 2020

It's no secret that Apple is working on a project that harnesses the power of ARKit and LiDAR in a sleek portable device for your face, and we may have real information on them now courtesy of the new leak in the block. Prescription lenses will be optional at an extra cost.

As far as a release date, Prosser suggested that Apple's original plan was to debut the device in September 2020.

Additionally, the glasses could possibly be announced on Q4 this year.

Now, the interesting bit comes in where he claims that he has actually seen a prototype for the smart glasses and says that he is actually looking for a legal agreement to share that footage with the world. Sure, we've seen tons of updated phones, tablets, watches and more, but we'd love to see a product as innovative as the very first iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch. One will need to connect them to an iPhone that will then be used to store all its data. Prosser alleges that the prototype he saw featured plastic frames, but metal frames may also be coming. There was no camera on the device due to privacy concerns. AR glasses that look like regular glasses would be an immediate game-changer. He additionally states that there can be a heavy concentrate on scanning proprietary Apple QR codes, and notes that you may exclusively inform that the glasses are "digital" if you happen to're sporting them. A 2017 report from Bloomberg claimed AR Glasses would be ready in 2020.

Finally, Prosser added that the Apple Glass will come with a plastic stand to wirelessly charge them, and that there's no sunglasses version as Apple is apparently struggling to get the display to work with tinted lenses.

The leaker also noted Apple Glass will not be immediately available after unveiling and will go on sale in late 2021 or early 2022.

The headset is rumored to release prior to Apple Glass. It sounds like Apple doesn't want to repeat a lot of the mistakes of Google Glass, and there are a number of key differences here.

When it comes to AR glasses, there's one product that comes to mind: Google Glass.

The user interface of Apple Glass is name Starboar, something Prosser reveale a few weeks ago during a podcast. Users can interact with the glasses by using gestures.

Second, Apple Glass' lack of a camera is a smart move, since conversation around Google Glass was focused nearly entirely around the face-mounted camera and whether or not people were being secretly recorded.