Trump vows not to close U.S. over second wave of COVID-19

Saturday, 23 May, 2020

Trump acknowledged the likelihood of a second round of coronavirus while visiting a Ford plant on Thursday, saying "people say that's a very distinct possibility". I want to get our country back to normal.

"I didn't want to give the press the pleasure of seeing it", he said.

With little more than five months left until the election, Trump is behind Democratic rival Joe Biden in national polls and in some battleground states, such as MI, which he won in 2016.

President Donald Trump was photographed not wearing a mask while touring a Ford manufacturing plant in MI despite being told by the MI attorney general that he had a "legal responsibility" to wear one.

The Republican president and Whitmer have clashed during the coronavirus outbreak over her criticism of the federal government's response to the state's needs for medical equipment, like ventilators, and personal protective gear, such as gloves, masks and gowns.

An executive order issued by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer requires factories to suspend all nonessential in-person visits, including tours, though Nessel said her office would not bar Trump. A confrontation between a calm Costco employee and a shopper in Colorado who refused to wear a mask "because I woke up in a free country" went viral online this week. "The President later removed the mask for the remainder of the visit".

"Today I'm identifying houses of worship - churches, synagogues and mosques - as essential places that provide essential services", Trump said during a hastily arranged press conference Friday. And here's another one ... because in this area, it's not necessary.

"Everybody's been tested, and I've been tested. And if there's a fire, an ember of flame someplace, we put it out". He said that over the next few months, over 100,000 new ventilators would be added to the stockpile and that foreign allies that "desperately need them" have been offered 14,000.

Vice President Mike Pence didn't wear a mask during a visit to the Mayo Clinic in April, Business Insider reported.

He later took out what he said was his mask but did not put it on.

He pulled out of his pocket a navy blue mask that appeared to have the presidential seal. "Since I don't have it, I thought it would be a good opportunity to be here, speak to these guys and look them in the eye". "But I'm making a speech, so I won't have it now".

Meanwhile, Michigan's attorney general said Trump may not be invited back to the state if he refuses to wear a face mask in public.

And, again, the president did not publicly wear a face covering despite a warning from the state's top law enforcement officer that a refusal to do so might lead to a ban on his return.