Beijing Closes Schools As Second Wave Of Coronavirus Hits

Thursday, 18 Jun, 2020

Travellers coming into Beijing also have to be tested and quarantined.

China claimed that the source of Beijing's fresh coronavirus outbreak had come from Europe.

More than 60% of commercial flights in and out of Beijing have been canceled as the city limits travel in and out of the city, especially from districts where new cases have been detected. A man with a fever checked into a local clinic where he was diagnosed with the virus.

Six days ago, Beijing confirmed a new COVID-19 case in the country's capital for the first time in almost two months. The man could not explain where he got the infection from, as he did not travel outside of China, and he had not been in contact with anyone returning from overseas.

Chinese authorities locked down a third neighbourhood in Beijing on Tuesday as they rushed to prevent the spread of a new coronavirus outbreak that has infected more than 100 people in a country that appeared to have largely contained the virus.

Ryan said he "fully expects" China to publish the genetic sequencing of the virus from the Beijing outbreak as it has done in the past.

In South Korea, authorities reported 43 new cases amid increased public activity. Twenty seven neighbourhoods have been designated as medium risk and instituted temperature checks and registration while neighbourhood near the Xinfadi market has been deemed high risk and sealed off, with residents ordered to quarantine at home and undergo tests for the virus.

The emergency measure comes as Covid-19 made a comeback in Beijing following weeks of pandemic calm.

The closure of schools may last through the autumn, an official suggested on Monday.

All outbound taxi and ride-sharing services were suspended on Tuesday. All indoor sport and entertainment venues were closed on Monday. "This could help ease people's panic to some extent", said Lu Jiehua, a sociology professor at Peking University.

At the nucleic acid testing site of Beijing Youan Hospital, people need to make an appointment for the test to avoid crowding.

Some long-distance bus routes between Beijing and nearby Hebei and Shandong provinces were also halted.

The reports prompted major supermarkets in Beijing to remove salmon from their shelves.

The market has been closed for disinfection, as has a second market where three cases were confirmed.

"We have stopped all sales to China and are waiting for the situation to be clarified", said Stein Martinsen, head of sales and marketing at Norway Royal Salmon. "So, the European strain is very prevalent in many, many different countries".

Chinese Center for Disease Control (CDC) Chief epidemiologist Wu Zunyou (吳尊友) pointed out in a media interview that it would be hard to trace the source of the outbreak but that it was likely the infection had come from Europe based on genome sequencing results.