IPhone 12's Most Surprising Feature Could Be "iPhone OS"

Wednesday, 24 Jun, 2020

While this might seem like a seismic shift to some, if Apple really is prepping iPhone OS 14 - or perhaps iPhoneOS 14 - it'll simply be using the same pattern for this operating systems as it does for all its others.

The upcoming iOS 14 software release will include some notable changes to the Apple's Podcasts app, such as a feature that suggests podcasts you may like based on what you now listen to, according to 9to5Mac. However, Apple is also known for revealing new hardware at the event.

WWDC 2020 is looming, and Apple wants to be sure developers can keep track of new developments even though they're stuck at home. Another health benefit could be the launch of an all-new fitness app which will allow iPhone owners to watch videos that can walk them through various workouts.

Apple Podcasts in iOS 14 will likely bring personalized suggestion similar to the "For You" section of Apple Music.

From the a year ago, Apple gave a new name to the iPad's ecosystem as the iPadOS.

At this point, iOS is the only operating system that doesn't have the name of the product that it's supposed to run on in its name.

We could well see the Activity App change with a new mode aimed at getting kids fit and sleep tracking might be added which will show just how much shuteye you've been getting. Moreover, there's nearly no fragmentation between iPhones, since Apple manages to provide the most current version of its software to several of its devices, new and old ones. This is still so early its major new feature was support for cut, copy and paste.

Apple will host the Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) on June 22 via an online-only event.

Apple's website lists the maximum credit it could apply toward each of its laptop models.