Maharashtra, Delhi, Tamil Nadu report highest active COVID-19 cases

Friday, 26 Jun, 2020

It has 61,807 active cases, 67,706 cured and discharged patients while the death toll is 6,283. Victoria state on Thursday reported 33 new cases, the highest daily number in more than two months. "This is the first banquet hall starting to operate as a facility for the treatment of COVID-19 patients", he said.

Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Daman and Diu together have reported 120 COVID-19 cases. Meanwhile, the 68 new fatalities took the city-state's death toll to 2,301. However, establishments must adhere to the Standard Operating Procedures and observe full precautions. "Many deaths which could have been due to this viral infection, are not being recorded as Covid deaths".

The US has recorded 2,347,022 confirmed cases of COVID-19, the respiratory illness caused by the coronavirus. Chandigarh has recorded 418 COVID-19 cases, Puducherry 402, Nagaland 330, Arunachal Pradesh 148 and Mizoram has 142 cases.

New Delhi officials estimate it will have 550,000 COVID-19 cases by the end of July, and will require 150,000 beds by then.

India conducted 2,07,871 Covid-19 tests on people in the last 24 hours. 497 new cases were reported on June 24. Beijing reported seven cases, down from 13, while the two other cases were reported in neighboring Hebei province and three were listed as having been brought from overseas by Chinese travelers. While, Delhi's coronavirus case tally is 70,390, Mumbai's figures stand at 69,528.

Karnataka has reported 322 new COVID-19 positive cases taking the total number of cases to 9,721.

Delhi's city government has projected that cases in the capital area alone could expand to more than half a million by late July, and is considering taking over luxury hotels and stadiums to convert into field hospitals.

Today is the ninety-third day since India implemented a nationwide lockdown, to curb the novel coronavirus pandemic.