Trump Says 'I Don't Kid' About Demanding Slow Down In Coronavirus Testing

Friday, 26 Jun, 2020

Trump commemorated the 200th mile of a wall on the USA border with Mexico during his official visit.

A crowd of thousands of supporters braved the 100-degree heat to see the president speak at the Dream City Church in Phoenix.

The president visited one of those states enduring a coronavirus relapse - Arizona - on Tuesday, where that he branded peaceful anti-racism protesters a "left-wing mob" and said they "hate our history, hate our values and hate everything we prize as Americans".

The president's visit is expected to come days after Murphy ordered visitors from states seeing a rise in coronavirus cases - including Arizona - to quarantine for 14 days to curb the spread in New Jersey, which is still in the process of reopening. The case was transferred to federal court at the station's request in April, and a request by Priorities USA to join as a co-defendant was granted on Tuesday, court records show.

Trump said that his comments were "semi-tongue in cheek" and emphasized that more testing meant more confirmed cases.

Jiang reminded Conway that she had once said the phrase was "hurtful", before asking Trump's former campaign manager if she would still say that to the president today.

Murphy Wednesday night said Trump isn't included in his order. Yahoo News medical contributor Dr. Dara Kass believes it's time the president is more cautious not only to protect himself, but to signal to the public that COVID-19 continues to be a major health risk.

People ride bikes while wearing face coverings during the CCP virus pandemic in New York City, New York, on May 20, 2020.

Arizona is seeing disturbing trends in several benchmarks, including the percentage of tests that prove positive for the virus, which is the highest in the nation.

Police cleared the White House area on Tuesday and blocked access to the site, where law enforcement had used violence to disperse protesters earlier this month.

The phrase is a reference to the novel coronavirus that originated in 2019.

That sets up a notable legal battle between Trump's financially flush Republican reelection campaign and Priorities USA, one of the biggest spending groups in Democratic politics, which paid to air the ad.

Conway, seemingly unwilling to let the issue go, returned to the president's defense moments later, saying "it's incredibly important" that he does "not let China escape responsibility".

"We don't bow down to left-wing bullies", that he said. We may even have the 500 miles by the end of the year.

Trump's first visit to the border in more than a year comes a day after another hardline immigration move.

The administration cast the effort as a way to free up jobs in an economy reeling from the coronavirus.