Apple's newest iPhone feature aims to replace the vehicle key

Saturday, 27 Jun, 2020

If your keys go missing you can turn off your keys remotely'.

Called CarKey, this new Apple feature will be first introduced on the 2021 BMW 5 series cars.

Apple has launched a new CarKey function that allows drivers to unlock and start their auto using their iPhone - and BMW will be the first manufacturer to adopt the system. The problem of not finding your keys or wasting a lot of time diving in the bottom of your bag or pockets is over; you just pick up the phone and voila.

Apple's reliance on NFC for his or her digital auto keys suggests that the feature might be using the vehicle Connectivity Consortium's Digital Key Release 2.0 specification, which was finalized in May. Apple plans to transition to using a different technology, ultra-broadband, which will allow unlocking from great distances. The new feature allows a customer to integrate his vehicle key into the phone's itself using the BMW Smartphone App.

Apple is enabling the ability to display a notification on iOS 14 each time when an app or widget accesses the clipboard. This digital key will also support Apple Watch.

CarKey also lets you share keys with other iOS users via iMessage by creating a driver profile that restricts how long friends and family have access to the key. Then drivers place the iPhone on the car's charging pad and push the ignition button to start the auto. Rest of the specifications will remain the same as iPhone 12 Pro.

The first iOS 14 developer beta features a new setting that allows users to limit their displays to 60 frames per second, which was previously only available on the iPad Pro with ProMotion.

BMW's updated 5-series is the first to come equipped with digital key NFC technology, and the 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, X5, X6, X7, X5M, X6M and Z4 manufactured after July 1, 2020 will too.

Once you've paired your iPhone or Apple Watch with a vehicle that supports the digital auto keys, you need to hold your Apple device near the door handle, or any other an NFC reader that's in your vehicle.

Despite providing fast charging support for new iPhones, Apple still continues to ship them with standard 5W chargers and you are required to separately buy fast chargers if you want to quick charge your iPhone.