House of Representatives votes to make Washington DC a state

Monday, 29 Jun, 2020

The lower chamber voted 232-180 in favor of statehood, largely along party lines. Rep.

"Others, I have heard say, well, we haven't been particularly impressed with the way the mayor and her colleagues have handled the recent felony rioting in D.C.", Kennedy continued. "DC should be a state". During the day, several Democratic lawmakers read the names of those killed, shared experiences of racial bias and echoed support of Black Lives Matter activists. In an interview, she said the experience was a thrill - with one major caveat.

In the Senate, Democrats called on Republicans to come back to the negotiating table to come up with a bipartisan solution that the upper chamber can then vote on, while Republican senators slammed Democrats for declining to even begin floor debate on the measure.

However, the bill is extremely unlikely to pass the Republican-controlled Senate since it will add two Senate seats and more House seats in an area that would nearly certainly vote Democrat.

But Senate Republicans have refused to take up the House version, arguing it is an overreach that would undermine law enforcement. It was drafted by U.S. Sen. That measure was blocked by Democrats on Tuesday and there were no signs of new negotiations. Independent Rep. Justin Amash also voted no.

It would also rename Washington, D.C., to Washington, Douglass Commonwealth after Frederick Douglass.

The district has been governed since 1973 under a home rule charter that allows it to have a mayor and city council, but still gives Congress control of the city budget and allows it to invalidate any law or initiative the district government or its voters pass.

Under the Democratic proposal, Norton said, a small federal district would remain, encompassing government buildings, Congress, monuments, the National Mall area and the White House. Agencies must already gather information such as age, race and gender during traffic stops; they would also need to report whether they threatened or used physical force and whether any injuries occurred.

DC statehood presser
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The legislation includes "expedited procedures" created to speed up repeal of the 23rd Amendment. The Kerner Commission report, ordered by then-President Lyndon Johnson after 150 US cities erupted in violence in 1967 over racial injustice, concluded police brutality was a primary cause of the unrest.

Democrats cited the Oregon Law Center, which found more than 334,000 license suspensions over the past decade.

But that did not stop the celebration by statehood advocates and District officials who have pushed for passage of the legislation for years. "It would not be possible", he said.

Statehood is the only way to recognise the full voting rights of DC residents and bringing the bill to the House for a vote now is a way "to show respect to the citizens" of DC who have been denied the right to representation in Congress for two centuries, Hoyer said. Barry Goldwater, Bob Dole, Strom Thurmond and Edward Brooke, the first popularly elected black senator. We fight and die in wars like residents of every state.

"Make no mistake, race underlies every argument against D.C. statehood, and denying its citizens equal participation and representation is a racial, democratic and economic injustice, we can not tolerate", Waters was quoted by a Fox News report as saying. Norton's statehood bill was one of the first pieces of legislation I cosponsored after being sworn in as a Representative.

Cotton's critics noted that the nation's capital has demographic diversity that Wyoming is lacking. As of June 2019, DC had more than 705,000 residents, according to estimates from the US Census Bureau. Around 45% of the inhabitants of Washington are black.

"I wasn't aware that the right to self-governance depends on what people do for a living". I thank [Senator Tom Carper (D-DE)] and our allies for their tireless work on D.C. statehood.