EFF shuts Clicks stores in East London in anti-racism protest

Wednesday, 09 Sep, 2020

Clicks is at the centre of a public outcry over the TRESemmé campaign, which referred to black hair as "dry, damaged, and frizzy", while white hair was depicted as "normal". Julius Malema then responded to Maimane's post by calling him a "sell out", possibly referencing his past affiliation with the Democratic Alliance (DA) and his former endorsement of Helen Zille as well. But Mr Malema further urged his supporters to be "combat ready".

A South African drug store chain has apologized for and retracted an advertisement deemed offensive toward Black people. The statement read, "It is an assertion that white standards of beauty are to be aspired to and features of black represent damage, decay, and abnormality".

The EFF says the court has not declared the protest illegal.

The EFF denied it was involved in any acts of violence and intimidation.

"We are here to protect our sisters against racism, we are saying racism must fall".

Vikesh also said that the negligent employees were suspended and that the company will "audit" all of its promotional work to check for any explicit or implicit bias.

Patrons at Walmer Park Shopping Centre in Port Elizabeth were left shocked on Tuesday morning when a scuffle between EFF members and an elderly woman resulted in a firearm being drawn.

The company must disclose the names of all people involved in commissioning the advertisement and the name of the company which produced it and provide evidence that Clicks has taken action against them.

Already it's alleged that two of Clicks' outlets have been petrol bombed in the provinces of Gauteng and Mpumalanga.

"According to information that we have gathered, around 1am a group of men came and threw a petrol bomb at the shop".