MI residents urged to get flu shots

Thursday, 10 Sep, 2020

"The flu vaccine is going to be more important than ever", said Chautauqua County's public health director.

"These numbers are a chilling reminder of why we need to take this virus seriously", AAP President Dr. Sara "Sally" Goza said in a statement.

A year ago was a particularly severe influenza season.

In another study conducted by University of East Anglia ENT expert, Carl Philpott, the symptom of a loss of smell compared with those suffering with a cold or flu compared to those with COVID-19 was analysed.

"Maximize the vaccine that will minimize viral infections will be a smart strategy this year", he said. I hope to see less of the flu.

Since March, at least 372,217 people have been hospitalized in the U.S. for Covid-19, according to figures from the Covid Tracking Project.

The 2019-2020 flu season was the deadliest in years for American kids, killing at least 188, according to the CDC. If we had a crystal ball we could tell you what will happen, but unfortunately we don't know. "And it's very, very important because if you don't get sick from the flu, not only does this help you, it also helps others around you because you are not spreading it to them".

Schuyler said the role of the county Health and Human Services Department is disease prevention so they're in charged with outreach and education.

Many health care officials are warning Canadians to get the flu shot now. But what we can say is that the symptoms for both conditions are essentially similar.

The study by Song and colleagues involved 315 children with confirmed COVID-19 who were admitted from March 25 to May 15 this year, and 1,402 children with influenza confirmed through molecular assays from October 1, 2019 to June 6, 2020. I was in the forefront here in New York City for 43 days straight treating COVID-19 patients when we were bombarded by the pandemic. There is a lot we don't know.

"If we compare to previous season, I think there was quite a bit more urgency in terms of influenza vaccination", he said. It's specifically formulated for those 65 and older, and consists of the three flu strains most likely to cause the illness during the upcoming season.

"Part of the rational of starting earlier would be to vaccinate more patients", he said.

There is widespread concern among healthcare professionals that the United States could be facing two infectious disease emergencies this flu season.

"We recommend everyone get the vaccine in late September or October".

Medics prepare to give flu shots to elders in a clinic in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China.

The elderly, who are at the highest risk, produce 50-75 percent fewer antibodies than younger people in response to a regular flu shot, and this vaccine has been proven in studies to compensate for the difference.

Even with increased health risks this season, many will still fight the advice to get the flu shot.

Plus, outbreaks of both viruses could mean shortages of personal protective equipment for health care workers. "As additional doses arrive, we'll expand the administration of vaccines to pregnant women and other groups". "You are always better off to get the flu shot".